Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Plague Continues...

So, Christine and Zac both came down with this nasty gastroenteritis on Monday, with the same symptoms that Bethany had Saturday/Sunday. Thomas and I got hit with it early Tuesday morning, and I was so sick from fluid loss, that I had to go to the ER yesterday and get IV fluids. Whatever this is, it's NAAAAASTY.

I found the quickest way to get help in the ER is to just collapse on the floor. Worked for me yesterday. Then, once you are in triage, find the nearest gurney and just collapse on it. They take care of you quick.

After 3L of fluids via IV, I was feeling a little better. No cramping and dizziness anymore.

Right now, I'm still weak, and running a 101.7 fever, but I'm dragging myself into work anyway because of a commitment we have with KVIE channel 6. I'm hoping to be back in bed by 9.


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