Thursday, February 23, 2006

My obsession...

Okay, so in the past few weeks at my office, we've all become obsessed with a game called D&D Mini's. D&D Mini's is like a chess game, but where each team brings a different set of pieces to the board, and there's a certain amount of random chance assigned to the outcome. It also follows a simplified set of rules based on the Dungeons and Dragons game.

Each game (called a "skirmish") lasts less than an hour, and although you can use strategy to your advantage, the random chance element means that almost any team can win in a given game.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean my team. :( In the two tournaments we've played, I am now 0-6. In 2 of those games, it was down to one-on-one piece, and the dice rolls decided the victor. The dice rolls have been against me in every game. One of the rules of the game involves a chance for a figure to run away after engaging in combat. My commander is one of the bravest available - only a 5% chance per game to run away. In 6 games, he's run away twice. Another piece only has a 15% chance - he has routed 3 times.

Well, tomorrow I have a chance to redeem myself. Because of uneven brackets in the last tourney, we created a "random player." This "player" filled one of the seeds in the tournament bracket, and the referee rolled randomly between all other players to decide who would represent Team Random for each game.

Guess what? Team Random is in the Championship game tomorrow. And guess who is representing? ME. If I win, then NO ONE wins the tournament, and the prize rolls over to the next tournament.

I've got a really tough battle ahead of me, but I think that I have Karma on my side... Wish me luck...



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